Life is not all about Landscaping
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May 27, 2020

Landscapes for Life.  This is our tagline not only because we build landscapes that last but also because the most beautiful landscapes work as a vessel to allow you to live more fully, and with more meaning.  When your home is set up to mimic and enhance what you value in life, you and your family can live those values every day and that can only make your life much more purposeful and enjoyable!

With that in mind we understand there is more to life than landscaping (as awesome as it is!).  At Intrinsic we love to live life to the fullest and are constantly looking to grow and learn.  So while we will keep a strong focus on a wide range of elements of landscape design and construction in our website and social media, Tania and I are keen to share some content on other topics we are passionate about.

Exactly what topics we choose will evolve, hopefully with some input from other readers, but you can expect some of the following:

  • Local artists and musicians
  • Local bars and restaurants
  • Local markets (sense a theme going on here…?)
  • Books / movies / Netflix couch potato series
  • People that inspire us
  • Boss Ladies
  • Drummers (yes, I’m an amateur drummer!)
  • Recipes
  • Causes we love and support

We hope by doing this we can help people find a new favourite band, artist or local hang.  Maybe we’ll inspire people to take their life to the next level, or even just provide a quick read with your cuppa some afternoons!  But mostly we want to provide you with some insight into who we really are at Intrinsic, what we love and love to share.  Hopefully you will share some insights about yourselves too.  Stay classy Melbourne!

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