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Our aspiration is to create spaces in the garden that offer multiple uses but flow seamlessly within the greater landscape. These might include an outdoor kitchen, dining area, informal entertaining space, pool lounge area or kids’ recreational zone all set within beautiful gardens.

We have a great love of natural and robust materials such as stone, timber and steel. These materials have their own unique natural characteristics and not only look great when installed but also age gracefully. These can be combined skilfully with more modern materials and finishes such as glass, render or plastics and softened with elements such as water, plants and turf. Special features, layouts or patterns can be enhanced by strategic lighting to create a bespoke design that is original and engaging.

All these elements tastefully combined will create stunning, timeless spaces that enhance your lifestyle and increase your property value.

2D Design
Our basic 2D design package includes:
  • Concept Plan
  • Site Layout and Preparation Plan
  • Materials Plan
  • Planting Plan with Schedule
  • Lighting Plan with Schedule
  • Irrigation Plan with Schedule
  • Dimensions Plan
  • Quantities Plan

This will provide you with all the information you need to understand how the overall layout of the design will work within your space. It will conceptualise how the key elements sit within your landscape, as well as how they complement each other and the materials used. We also offer elevations and detail drawings of the main design elements for purposes of construction and permit applications.

3D Design

Our 3D package includes:

  • 3D rendered images
  • Video flythrough with coordinated music
  • Shade and lighting effects

This is where you get to feel your new landscape. Unlike 2D plans that require some level of imagination and interpretation, here you can see your new space in full realistic glory! Things such as textures of materials and natural reflections create an incredible effect. The video flythrough allows you to move through it and appreciate all the different angles and shade and lighting effects. It’s truly as close as you can get to seeing it in real life.

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