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Here at Intrinsic Landscapes, we believe that your property’s outdoor areas have an intrinsic value that isn’t being realised. Too often, outdoor areas are treated as negative space – neglected, left empty or with simple, square planter boxes and drab plain concreting. The proper use of these outdoor spaces isn’t being maximised.

We are the specialists in landscape design and construction, ready to show you just how valuable your landscaped areas can be!

With quality landscaping Melbourne customers can unlock aesthetic values, so that they can truly enjoy their outdoor areas and are drawn to spend time in them, and economic ones, should they decide to sell their property and reap the monetary reward of our landscaping services for Melbourne. For landscaping Preston and Greater Melbourne customers need look no further than Intrinsic Landscapes.  

Here at Intrinsic Landscapes, we are driven by our creativity. In collaboration with our customers, we want to realise a stylish design vision for your outdoor areas. Our team are bursting with creativity and the experience to realise a design expertly. We will handle all aspects of the project, from the design to the final watering of the plants. With our services in Landscaping Melbourne customers will find it’s just that simple.  

Landscaping Services Melbourne

We offer a range of landscaping services Melbourne customers can reap the benefits of.

Our primary services include expert design in landscaping for Melbourne. We ensure a balance of all elements, to ensure that your outdoor areas boast the best in bespoke design. We match our designs to your needs and tastes. These days, with smart design and the best in new technology, we can accommodate your needs with a landscape that can survive in any weather. We can also ensure our services suit your budget needs, whether you’re after some greenery, outdoor entertainment structures or other landscaping services.

We also boast an encyclopaedic knowledge of plant selection – an intrinsic part of each Intrinsic Landscape service! In collaboration with you, we will choose the best plants for location and then source them at very good prices.

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